Web design using WordPress

Web design using WordPress
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Web design using WordPress – A website that puts you in control

Many thinks that having a web site built using a template is a non-original web site. “It will look like many other web sites.”

Well, strictly that is not true. Many web designers I know use some form of template when they build a web site, even from ‘scratch’.

This site is no exception. (I use a framework called Twitter-Bootstrap) and build web sites from that.

WordPress is also a framework as such and use templates for its design which means that changing the design and look of your site is really easy. Should you ever want a fresh new look you never have to build a whole new web site. You simply get a new WordPress template – either custom designed or from one of the many websites where you can buy or download them, often for free.

Part of the website you are on right now is using WordPress. This part (blog) of the web site is WordPress. But the main site is hand drawn from scratch.

WordPress websites offer a lot more than the few five or ten benefits you usually hear of. With a WordPress site you are in 100% control of 100% of your content 100% of the time. All you need is a domain name and a host to serve it.

In effect; all you need me for is to host the site for you. Alright, I can assist with any technical questions you may have and help with the design of the site but otherwise it is all yours.

Am I writing myself out of a job here? Not really. I do hosting and maintenance of several WordPress sites. Also, a WordPress site can have a bespoke design or just a modified theme for your company branding.
Even if it is a ‘Template’ it is still unique to you.

If you want a web site but are unsure how to make it, get in touch. Web design using WordPress may be just for you.

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