Responsive web design = Accessibility using all web channels!

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Is your company website accessible via any web channel, or is it only those who sit in front of the computer that has the benefit of your web site pages? What about the smartphone and tablet users?

The figures are clear. An increasing proportion of traffic on the Internet is through devices other than the traditional PC.

Smart phones and tablet users are gaining terrain fast. And these are used not just for games and apps. They are also used to surf the web.

Most of today’s websites are designed to be viewed on a conventional PC monitor, and is poorly suited for viewing on an iPhone.

The solution to this is Responsive Web design.

In short Responsive Web Design is based on creating websites that adapt to the size of the device to read them.

Your website will be equally available from your smaller smartphone as it will be from your 20-inch flat screen you have in your office.

This is technically solved by using the latest W3C– standards; HTML5 and CSS3.

TSW – Systems Solutions develop all new website based on the principle of Responsive Web Design whether it is a bespoke site or using a template based design from WordPress.

Please contact us if you want your business to be available in all Web channels!

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