What we do - And why!

How often have you come across websites or adverts like this below?

Turn your website into an automated marketing and sales machine with a complete online communication flow that will help you get more clients!


And how does it make you feel?

  • I got this!
  • Help! I'm confused!

If you say 'Confused, I understand you and I feel your pain. The jungle of web and digital is moving at a fast pace and it is difficult to keep up. You feel a bit lost.

This is what we can help you with. Let us untangle the web and make it easy to understand and use.

Who are we (or me)?

I’m a Website Strategist and the owner and founder of YUHANITO Ltd., and I am on a quest to help businesses who struggle with the web jungle once and for all. I am really keen on helping others find their website identity and get a website that speaks to their prospects in a language they understand. And they will then want to work with you!

And we do that by guiding you through the journey and help you to:


We know how hard it is to articulate what it is your business does and how it helps your clients. So get inside your client's minds and help them visualise the way forward with you as you solve their pains and problems.


Help your clients by paving the way for a smooth customer journey on your website so your customers get the 'customer experience of a lifetime, one which gets off to a strong start and continues with momentum as they move forward with you.


Collaborate with your customers and unlock how you can really help them. By working through it together you will inspire great things. Start with the foundations and this will spill over into every piece of work they do.

But before we move on, it’s important I tell you that the problem you think you have with the website is not necessarily the content itself.

Simply put: If a website does not tell the visitor how it can solve the problem they need help with and explain how it can improve their lives at the same time, and explain to them very clearly in a way they understand, Then there is no point in having a website at all!

It’s as simple as that. But don't think that simple is easy to do!

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What we do

For the most part, we have long-term commitments towards our customers in the form of monthly subscriptions.
We are involved with various aspects all the way from building to running and optimizing the new working methods.
We accelerate your pace of growth by continuously introducing new methods that we have tried out and know to work.


The first step towards increased sales is to secure the right conditions and working methods.

We will help to build a "blueprint" for how your marketing and sales will work. And you will get the technical tools you need to supplement with this.




To continuously run these new routines for sales and marketing is the key to success.

If you want to buy the expertise we can do the routine work for you, in whole or in part. Or we can train and coach you if you want to do most things yourself.




By monitoring and optimisation, the process will become more and more efficient.

We follow up and identify areas for further development so that your new processes become more efficient and will give better results.



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