About Us

More free time - We all want that, Right?

Yeah, me and us too!
We help established business owners increase revenue and sales and save valuable time. (Sounds ok?)

If you have an established business performing well and are ready for the next step of growth but feel you have reached a ceiling in achieving this. We can help with that!

YUHANITO is a lot more than just an agency. We believe in long-term partnerships and only take on projects we truly believe in, which will help you grow, increase revenue and get a system in place to free up your and your team's time.

Torkild Smith

Hi, my name is Torkild Smith (LinkedIn) and the founder of YUHANITO. I am based just south of Manchester, United Kingdom.

I specialise in websites that look good and deliver in terms of ROI. I have an extensive network of resources to fulfil the complex requirements of a large website.

We focus on delivering a website (aka marketing platform) that is an automatic lead generator for you! It is that simple. But do not mistake simple for being easy to do!

If your website is not generating leads, please download our guide to learn how to evaluate your website's success and get tips for improvements that you can implement straight away.

Kwai Yu

Hi, my name is Kwai Yu (LinkedIn), and I partner with Torkild to deliver the best possible user experience for our clients.

One of the fundamental causes behind why websites fail to deliver to expectations is that most web developers don't understand business strategy and marketing. And the website is THE most important marketing tool today.

If I had to name a secondary reason for why most websites fail is because most business owners don't realise a website has to be treated as a Business IT Project.  And it also has to be managed in the way same as any IT project. This means applying the typical project management disciplines of; specifying business objectives, business requirements, design requirements, coding, testing, implementation, managing change and managing risks and assumptions.

Alison Gould

Hi, my name is Alison Gould (LinkedIn), and I partner with Torkild to apply traditional marketing know-how to the online environment.

From a marketing perspective, a fundamental reason why websites fail to generate leads is that in the rush to embrace the online marketing era, most business owners fail to realise that traditional marketing know-how still counts for making online advertising work.

Online marketing is still marketing. And this is where my classic marketing training and experience come in.

Online is just another channel to market, albeit a very important one.  However, being online doesn't get you leads and sales. What gets you leads and sales is knowing how to apply the promotion, price, and publicity to the world of content marketing and SEO.

Gerry Hogan

Hi, my name is Gerry Hogan, and I partner with Torkild to deliver sales and performance strategies. I have an extensive portfolio working with large blue-chip companies and corporations, which often need to integrate a presence that will align them with the online world.

I am very down-to-earth and extremely direct in my approach, and I know there is a big gap for large established organisations in integrating sales and marketing with the online world. That is where I come in to bridge together this gap with my Sales Coaching and YUHANITO's Online Marketing expertise.

Before joining YUHANITO, I had many years of experience in the sales and financial services sector. I have worked for Santander and have extensive experience building and leading teams.