YUHANITO stepped in at the last minute to 'rescue' our web presence. Not only were they able to do that in a short amount of time, but they also produced a great site that brought us where we needed to be. Torkild is now an integral member of the team, and his advice is frequently sought after by the other team members on all issues regarding web design and Digital Marketing.

Terry Waghorn

CEO Katerva - Accelerating the Future

YUHANITO is providing the technical input, tool recommendation and setup service for my company’s marketing platform. This has allowed me to fully concentrate on my content and presentation without the worry of having to make technology choices but still allowed me to retain control of all my content all the time. Any adjustments are dealt with swiftly and professionally at any time when it is required

Kristine Szulik

Chester the GIANT City

I still pinch myself when I look at the PSP online presence. I never imagined I would be able to put together a professional online presence so quickly and get a result even quicker for such a small outlay. I'm allergic to technology, but it was made very easy for me ‐ I concentrated on the content quality, and I was given the tools and was nursed through the process. It's very comforting to have such a personalised service ‐ tremendous value.

Russell Haynes

Practical Sales Processes

This has cost me nothing, but going to Google's pay‐per‐click would have cost me £1031.80 per month. I am so glad I discovered this niche keyword strategy. I was an SEO cynic and I've had cheap SEO packages that didn't work. I did not believe the claim that targeted niche keyword phrases could be found and would work in about three months. I was wrong! It took one week to research the keyword strategy and another week to update the website with the keywords. I'm very happy to say our website(s) are on Google page one for seven keyword phrases

Karl Willis

Matchless Limited

I would highly recommend any individual or company to avail of YUHANITO's services as they are adaptable and Target driven. They instinctively understand what people need in their business and are not afraid to go the extra mile.

Gerry Hogan

Gerry Hogan Sales Training
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