Why you need an email list

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Email List
Is an electronic mailing list or e-mail list is a special use of e-mail that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. (Wikipedia)

My journey over the past two years has been a steep one, and I was definitely one of them who did not understand the importance of an email list. Or why you need an email list at all!

Today I am of a very different thinking. As my way of conducting a business has altered I find myself that I do not have time to read many blogs on a regular basis. Instead I choose to be on a mailing list on my favourite sites, that gives me valuable information. This way I am sure not to miss any information and updates, and I can choose what to read – all listed in the email.


But why would you need an email list?

1. You have permission to talk to them

Primarily, once someone has given you their email address, this is the only thing that stands in between you and their inbox – The permission for you to communicate with them directly.

When you have a person’s email address you are outside the territory of shared content and controlling algorithms that decide what is shown and to whom. You can communicate direct to you audience! And they have given you permission to do so

2. This means that your email will not be ignored.

As you are not fighting against thousands of other contestants to get your message shown, like on Facebook or Google, you have a direct line to your target audience. They are expecting it and are more likely to read your message.

3. You make it personal

An email is also something you can personalise. You make it theirs and it is between you two only. On Social media and even on your blog you know you need to push that much harder to be seen and heard.



What do I send – I have no idea what to write

1. Your Blog

(I assume you are, otherwise you would not read this J)

This is a great way to start. After all your readers most likely found you via your blog so they are likely to read your emails. And they do not have to go to your site all the time, unless you have a ‘Call To Action’ taking them to a compelling offer on your web site.

2. Write about your existing content, but from a different angle

As with everything, things change and this goes for what you do as well. Writing on a topic in a different way will get a fresh view on it and you may find that you are learning for it you too!

3. Write a story

Write about something that has happened to you, in your business life or personal life. If you can spin in some relevance to what you do it would be perfect. Don’t be too serious about this. Create some humour around it – but make sure it is not at someone else’s expense.

Guest Blogger

Seek out leaders and influencers in your industry and ask them if they are willing to contribute some valuable tips and hint. You can also as a satisfied client if they are willing to share an experience they have had with your company.


To grow your list it is important that you are very clear and honest with your message. This way you are more likely to get subscribers that are the right ones for your business. Write about topics that are relevant to your product and services and don’t be afraid to give away some great nuggets. This is what people seek when they are doing their surfing, they are looking to solve a problem and if you can help them with that…

Need I say any more!

If you have an email list and would like to share any tips please let me know via the comments field below.

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