Why are web metrics and SEO important considerations in mobile website design?

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Perhaps the biggest challenge facing any mobile website designer is to design a mobile website that gets its message across loud and clear to the target audience. It’s all well and good designing a mobile website that looks great, but if it doesn’t resonate with the audience it’s aimed at, then it’s not doing its job properly. All online websites are there to either communicate a message or to sell a product or service. The mobile website design must therefore target the right audience and deliver a level of information and service that makes the audience want to come back and visit the site time and again. But, how do mobile website designers know their designs are doing what they should be doing? How do they track and analyse this online communication, and figure out whether the design is up to the job. The answer is they use website metrics to measure the effectiveness of the design, and apply the principles of search engine optimisation to ensure that the message is getting across to the audience its intended for.

Web Metrics

Some mobile website designers might believe that web metrics are unimportant in the design stages, but this is a mistake. In fact, if you ignore the information gained from these metrics it can be fatal. Metrics allow designers to pinpoint problems with their design. They can highlight problems like how many users bounced away from the home page and why, whether the navigational menus they designed are up to scratch and functioning as they should, the level of user surfing and the sign-up or check-out flow of potential traffic. Metrics offer a simple way of analysing whether a business website is performing effectively. They can monitor a website and measure its rate of success or otherwise. The figures produced by these metrics may appear daunting, but any professional website designer will be able to look at them and interpret then correctly. The purpose of web metrics is to let the designer analyse the performance and growth rate of the website, by comparing the actual figures against the projected goals.

What are the advantages of using metrics and seo in mobile website design?

An analysis of the web metrics will give the designer real time information about the user’s behaviour. It will give a detailed breakdown of who’s visiting the site, how long they spent on the site and the areas where the site is most frequently accessed from. The ability to analyse and measure the popularity of a website can have significant implications for the design of the site. The ability to track user behaviour and interpret this correctly can help an online business retain customers and perform better. Web metrics give web designers all the information they need to be able to make effective changes. They may, for instance, need to make changes to certain design aspects like selection of typography and font style, the degree of graphical elements or images used in the main page of the website, coding techniques and documentation style, or marketing and SEO related activities. Web metrics provides all the essential information any designer will need to make a website perform as well as it can.

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