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Content Marketing is nothing new. John Deere launched his magazine for farmers in 1895. But, there are some misunderstandings about what it really is, even among professional marketers.

While surveys show that consumers are constantly ignoring traditional marketing methods, many managers and business owners are still concerned with promoting their products and services in this way. Others view content and content marketing as the same. Some look at Content Marketing as a new fad/trend and therefore believe that it is something that is going to disappear. 

Many managers do not see the business value of continuously providing valuable and useful content to potential and existing customers.

Content marketing is a strategy that involves engaging customers so that they build long-term relationships – relationships that have a measurable business value.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defines it as follows:

Content marketing is creating and distributing relevant and valuable content in your own channels to attract, engage and retain a clearly defined audience.

At YUHANITO, we like to emphasize some aspects when defining content marketing (NewsCred and CMI are also 100% behind these):

  • Content marketing is not advertising, PR, digital attachments or native ads.
  • It is NOT a campaign because you are continuously publishing with a long-term purpose. Joe Pulizzi himself says: “Why does most Content Marketing fail? Because it stops.”
  • It is customer-oriented and not business-centric.
  • This is done in owned media/channels.

Here are five definitions from various Content Marketing experts

  1. ContentMarketing – A Formal Definition: Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is about creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a clear audience. The purpose is to get customers to make profitable actions in the long term. In a content marketing strategy, one can publish stories through several different channels (paper, digital, mobile, social network etc.). Useful content is everything from blog posts, videos, photos, surveys to e-books and surveys. With content marketing, you do not directly promote your products and services, but you build a long-term relationship. You do this by creating useful content in all phases of the buying process. Content marketing can be compared to the business model for media houses. The difference is that instead of using the number of sponsored content and sponsors as a success factor, branding uses sales as a success factor.
  1. Content marketing – a less formal definition: Content marketing is about owning, in contrast to renting media platforms. It’s a market strategy that – if you do it right – will attract and retain customers. Then potential customers come to you and you don’t have to reach out to them. You do this by continuously producing content to change or improve consumer behaviour.
  2. ContentMarketing – An Elevator Pitch: “Traditional marketing and advertising are about telling the world that you’re a rock star. With content marketing, you show the world that you are actually one.”- Robert Rose
  3. Content Marketing – for Interns: “Content marketing is about distributing content that your audience wants, and at the places, they are looking for it. It’s a combination of original, curated and syndicated content.”-  Michael Brenner
    By attracting new customers and nurturing existing customers as a goal, content marketing is a process where you develop and share relevant, valuable, and engaging content for your audience.” –  Amanda Maksymiw
  1. Content Marketing – For the Doubtful: Your customers do not care about you, your products or services. They care about themselves, their problems, wants and needs. Content marketing is about creating interesting content and information that your customers are looking for, so you actually get their attention. Content marketing can provide customers and audiences with useful information before and after the purchase, and while shopping. It is done without a promotional message– and as a result, content marketing breaks through the advertising chaos (which consumers no longer trust).

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