What is a Landing Page, and do you really need one?

What is a Landing Page
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Yes, What is a Landing Page?

With the growing realisation that the marketplace is not what it used to be, more and more companies have turned their attention to the Web as their preferred marketing place. And this is not a recent development.

Since the advent of internet marketers quickly found this as a place to reach a bigger and broader audience. A lot has changed since then and the internet has now begun to mature, especially when you compare today’s web sites with the glary pages in the early nineties.

The internet has forced a new marketing model that needs to be accepted and new sets of customer behaviour patterns that need to be acknowledged. I am sure you will agree with me that gone are the days when you used the phone book to look up phone numbers or bought the local newspaper to find what movies were playing.

Today, the first place people go to find information is the Internet. And to find this information they use a search engine. Things have certainly changed and businesses have to change with the times.


This brings us to what is a landing page and do you really need one! The answer to this is a definite yes!

A landing page is the first page your visitors land on when they get to your web site. Often this is the front page, for about 95% of all websites, this is the case. But it can also be a link in an ad that direct your visitors to the page you want them to go to.

The sole purpose of any landing page is to persuade a visitor to take your desired action. This is most often done by providing a form that needs to be filled out. This information is obtained in order to add the visitor’s email address to a mailing list so you can later turn them into a prospect. This is what we call a squeeze page.

And then we have the sales landing page. Here you present your visitor with an unbeatable offer. The text is very clear and direct and the call to action is a Buy It Now button.

Then we have the landing page that has information about your product or service. This is a reference landing page that presents information that is relevant to the visitor. These can display text, images, relevant links or other elements. Hint, this is such a landing page but if you want to check out one of my dedicated landing page, please go here.


As I said earlier, often the only landing page a website has is its front page. But unless your front page has proven its worth in generating leads, having one or more dedicated landing pages may prove to deliver some dramatic benefits to your company.

A lot of companies that have successfully progressed with their internet marketing have given this enough time, effort, and resources in making their landing pages ideal for their brand/image. It can be the perfect representation for your business whatever the format of your landing page.

Remember, your marketing campaign should be designed at achieving more than just a sale; it should be designed at creating a content customer who will also promote your company through word of mouth. To achieve this end you must deliver a variety of information to your target visitors; information that will attract their attention and help to make their decision to make that purchase.


The ultimate goal of a landing page is to convert your visitors into being a customer. And we here at YUHANITO are here to help you with just that.

We hope this has helped you in your quest for what is a landing page, and yes – you do really need one (or more)


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