What is a great logo?

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What does it take for a logo to work?

Here are some tips

  1. A logo should identify, it should not describe

It states what the brand is, not what it does. It should not sell your services or products. It’s a marketing job.

  1. Give the designer a proper foundation

A good brief is a prerequisite for a good result. All input about the company’s vision, personality, history, strategy, values ​​etc. is valuable ballast for the designer. A good logo is simple and relevant. It plays on teams with values ​​and conveys personality. But do not order a solution that sums up our company’s core values ​​and future-oriented investment in a dynamic, contemporary design. Then you ask for a bad result.

  1. It should be distinctive

A distinct logo stands out in the crowd and is not to be confused with others. In the media jungle, it is unlikely that a logo reminiscent of yours can appear anywhere out there. This does not prevent your logo from being original, unique, and designed for your purpose. Stay away from clipart and ready-made solutions that can be purchased online. Your logo should not look like the competitors. Be different – in an interesting way.

  1. Think visibility

Visibility means that the logo is easy to see and notice. Here, colours are important. But strong colours can never compensate for weak form. Therefore, designers often work in black and white until the shape fits properly before they start working with colour.

  1. Think flexibility

Think big – and think small. A Hennig-Olsen ice lolly illustrates the point. The same logo is printed in giant format on the trailer that thunders past. One is tiny and in black and white, the other large and colourful. But it’s the same logo – no doubt.

Think about where the logo should be exposed. Does it work as an app icon on the mobile As a favicon in the browser Should it be able to be embroidered, cast or embossed Perceived in speed Cut in foil or milled in concrete Can it be animated Bonus points for it.

  1. Be remembered

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, or Coca-Cola. Of course, this is due to the fact that we have seen these logos many times, but that is not the whole explanation. In their own way, these logos have interesting, simple, and distinctive features that attach to the retina, appeal to us and create recognition. One clear move, one strong form, one strong focus.

  1. Trendy versus timeless

Of course, you need a modern logo, but maybe it will last a few years The hottest colours, the most super cool fountain and flashy effects may be just what you need, but not necessarily.

Rest assured that the logo you create today does not risk becoming outdated before you have time to say twenty-eight. Minimalism is the art of saying more by saying less. Effects, stuff and decoration can never be the core of good design. Look at Apple and IKEA. Two modern, strong brands with fairly conservative logos. The IKEA logo has been virtually unchanged for about fifty years without the brand seeming to suffer from it.

  1. Keep it simple

A logo is not something we spend a lot of time reading or studying on a daily basis. It is something fast and fleeting, something we either notice or not. Logos that try to convey many different messages at once are overlooked and forgotten. It’s so brutal.

  1. Do not forget to play

Seriousness has never been good design’s best friend. Logo design is no exception.


No logo works in a vacuum. It forms the visual anchor in a comprehensive profile system that includes colours, typography, layout, verbal and visual style and tone. It will be a topic for later blog posts.

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