The importance of websites for insurance professionals

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Digital marketing strategies for insurance professionals

The digital age has revolutionized the way of marketing. Even the small firms and businesses can compete with the big ones on an equal footing with the help of the internet. As an insurance professional, you need to have a website to reach out to your clients. According to a recent survey, almost fifty per cent of insurance agents have a website. This shows the importance of having an online presence and using it as a marketing tool.

How will your clients find you if you don’t have a website?

People are always in need of insurance, be it for themselves or their family, for their car or expensive assets. Every service is searched for on the internet nowadays. Not having a website in today’s world is unbelievable because it means a tremendous loss in terms of clients. You lose credibility if you do not have a website. A powerful website which conveys your services and allows people to get in touch with you is your biggest marketing tool.

There are over 3.5 billion Google searches occurring in a day. You can imagine the reach you can have if you have an online presence. It has been found that seventy five percent of people use the website of an insurance company to research about the various policies offered by a company, to get relevant information and, of course, for getting quotes.

You can expand your market and serve your clients better

A functional website which has social media integration and SEO, is a wonderful marketing tool. You can get a local as well as national reach with the help of it. The website helps in strengthening your brand’s identity. It can be converted into a sales funnel by providing the visitors with premium calculators and free quotes which can help them to choose particular insurance policies according to their needs. You can secure these visitors as clients by providing a good user experience on your website and by providing answers to all their questions.

You get to know your clients better

A website allows you the opportunity to track the activity of your visitors. Using Google marketing and analytical tools, you can find out which policies are more popular and which pages are most visited. This data helps you to understand what your clients want and you can tailor your website and services accordingly so that it becomes an effective marketing tool.

These are a few reasons why you should think about having a professional website designed for your insurance business in the UK.



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