Seven tips for content that strengthens your brand

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You probably know that your company’s brand is the sum of everything you show and do. From the logo and images, you share to the quality of products, services, customer service, and content produced. Branding can be strengthened with increased collaboration across departments. And perhaps those who work with content for blogs, the web and other things need to become more aware of what their work means for the brand. Because when it comes down to it, branding is what we all do, right? Here are some tips for how content can contribute more!

Here’s how you can strengthen your brand with your content

As you can see from the model ( Philip Kotler, 2003 ) below, the ideal position for your brand is at the point where you deliver something credible, unique and at the same time relevant or attractive. And this is exactly how you have to think about the content you produce, especially when we are showered daily with information to read, hear or see.



1. Tell the company’s story

Show customers what you stand for and which values ​​you emphasize. Highlight what characterizes you. This creates trust and confidence. For some, the company’s history can reinforce the impression they want to give and be important for the brand. However, it will not be right for everyone. If you look, for example, at our “About us ” page, you will not find much history. But we share, among other things, what we believe in and how we work.

2. Turn customers into heroes!

It is possible to tell other stories where you turn customers into heroes by telling them how they can solve a problem and help them along the way.

3. Be aware of “tone of voice.”

Keep the company’s values ​​in mind when you write, and be aware of the tone of voice, i.e. the company’s voice. Adhere to guidelines given on language and spelling. Although the writer should be able to put his stamp on a text, all communication should be recognizable to the customer. It should reflect the brand.

4. Be honest – and committed

Engagement is important! Therefore, you should write about something you are passionate about and think is exciting about the brand. It makes writing easier for you, and the reader gains more confidence because you come across as honest and committed. But stick to the truth. Presenting glossy images when the reality is different makes it worse. At least when the truth is revealed.

At the same time, it is not a given that transparency is always smart, either. The story of the healthy giraffe euthanized in Copenhagen Zoo is an example of a case where transparency did not have the expected effect. So think carefully and ask yourself what should be told and shown.

5. Write content that is relevant to your target audience

You are welcome to write about things that engage you privately or are relevant at the time, but they must be relevant to the brand or the services you provide.

6. Understand your audience – write to a persona

Also, think about who you are writing to. What do they want with your product, what do they need help with, where are they in the buying process, and which channels do they use? Here you can benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues who may know the customers better than you.

7. Use the company’s knowledge to raise the quality of the content

If you are to produce credible and relevant content, you may need to utilize the knowledge of colleagues and other departments. Ask colleagues at customer service about what customers are wondering. Are there typical recurring questions that you can write about? Either in the form of a blog post or on the website.

Talk to product managers and developers. They tend to have detailed knowledge. What are they passionate about? Perhaps they are particularly interested in something others will appreciate and read about. Don’t think something is too technical or boring. If you write for the right persona, that person will be interested in this.

If anyone in the company has attended a course or seminar, please tell us about it. It also strengthens the company’s credibility. And you, don’t forget your company’s CRM. Here you can find the basis for relevant and unique topics, for better or worse — successful customer stories and stories that didn’t go so well.

Finally: To find the right content to write about, you need to know what the company stands for. On the other hand, you can create a new concept in branding by creating new, creative and targeted content.

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