Online Marketing Strategies for Architects

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How can a website act as a great marketing tool for architects?


Majority of architecture firms are using a website as a marketing tool. Websites are low-cost advertising methods and are very effective too. They have become a necessity in today’s world because nobody has the time to hunt for architecture firms physically. Everybody uses the web to search for local firms and contacts them. But how can anybody contact your firm if they do not have a way to do so or do not know about you at all? This is where a website becomes necessary.

  • The first benefit is that small architecture firms with just a few team members can get local, national and global exposure through fully functional websites. Such exposure is not available through business cards or brochures.
  • Getting a website made is not very costly. Even if it is a little expensive, you can recover the money spent on it with the spectacular increase in your bookings. If you are a small firm, then you can go for a website as your only marketing tool and still compete with the greater firms.
  • It has been proved that people believe what they see more than what they hear. A website enables your firm to provide a sleek display of your completed projects till date with all the details. This visual aspect helps to lure customers better. It is a major form of advertising which gives you the chance to put a strong focus on your work.
  • The integrated social media options allow your users to share your website’s link on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This social media connect can go a long way in increasing people’s awareness about your services.
  • You can offer free quotes to your customers through your websites and can also provide the online opt-in forms so that you do not have to go hunting for customers. They come to you directly.
  • Websites which are SEO friendly and contain graphics and content related to your work are very effective as marketing tools because they are given preference by search engines and lead to an increase in your firm’s popularity and credibility. When your website appears in the top ten list of search engines naturally, it assures the people that your firm is good.

If you need help with your Online Marketing Strategies for Architects or others? Then with a professionally designed website, you can keep your clients happy by keeping in constant touch with them and offering them your services.


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