Is it worth starting a business blog?

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If you’ve never considered starting a blog to publicise your business, then you could really be missing out. You’re probably thinking, why should I bother? Is there any point, not to mention how on earth, I do that? All of these questions are understandable. If we’re being honest here, most people who aren’t currently blogging probably think it’s only for the truly committed or the lonely. The truth is they couldn’t be further from the mark. Blogging is an essential tool for any business these days and gives you the perfect opportunity to tell the world about your business and what sets you apart from your competitors. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go, or at least don’t rule it out completely until you’ve read the rest of this article.

A business blog is utterly invaluable. It gives you the chance to promote your business and brings you to the attention of others. Is there a better way of keeping your profile in the spotlight? View it as an online business card or advertisement if that makes it easier. Obviously, blogging isn’t an end in itself, but it’s one of several measures to consider when trying to optimise your website. Releasing new material on a weekly or daily business will bring your website to the attention of search engines. The more you write, the likelier it is that search engines will look out for it. Every successful and prominent website releases new content as frequently as possible to increase its business ranking on search engines. Ok, so it won’t guarantee your business will top the Google rankings, but it might just give it a shove in the right direction.

Still unconvinced or daunted by the prospect? You shouldn’t be: it doesn’t have to be difficult or take up too much of your time. All you need to do is plan a little and commit a bit more. See, that’s not difficult at all.

What to put in your blog?

Blogging can be about anything, but it makes sense to centre it around your business – after all, you’re the expert, so let the others know this. Write about your business and what you do. As an added benefit, it will help you to focus on what you do well and where you might be able to improve things. Tell your potential customers why you’re different from the rest and let them know how your unique service could benefit them.
You’re not obliged to stick to any sort of rigid formula: if you want to go off on a tangent occasionally, then go for it. Everyone appreciates a little spice and variety from time to time. Just make sure it’s not completely irrelevant. Blogging can open as many doors as you’d like it to. It all depends on you and your commitment at the end of the day. It will, if nothing else, keep your business vibrant and relevant, and it will also give your potential clients the perfect opportunity to interact with you and respond to what you’re blogging about.

I can’t write ……?

No one’s expecting you to be the next Dan Brown or Stephen King, so don’t fret about it: you’ll get better with practice.
The content should be fresh and unique to your business, so don’t try to rewrite someone else’s stuff. Search engines can spot this a mile off, and your ranking may be affected if discovered. Always include keywords in your blogs so the search engines know where the pieces should be listed. Without good, targeted keywords, it’s quite likely your blog may well float around in the ether without ever being discovered or appreciated.
If you feel that writing is beyond you, you can always employ the services of a copywriter to compose topical and relevant articles for your business. They aren’t particularly expensive, but they may prove cost-effective in the long run: it also removes some of the pressure so that you get on with doing what you do best.

I don’t have the time to commit to this.

That is a fair point, and it’s something that needs careful consideration before you start. Make no mistake about it; it takes commitment and effort unless you use the services of a content copywriter. However, if you remember that the purpose and ultimate aim is to increase the visibility of your business and make it a greater success, then it’s definitely worth the effort.
Faint heart never won the fair lady.

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