Increase Your Conversion Rates with 7 Landing Page Must-Haves

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Increase Your Conversion Rates with 7 Landing Page Must-Haves

The landing page is a visitor’s first impression of your website. Often they decide within seconds whether they want to continue and do business with you, or if they’d rather go to a competitor’s site. This means that you have to make optimum use of those few seconds it takes to decide – it can literally make or break your business.


For an attention-grabbing informative landing page that converts and turns visitors into traffic into leads, sales, and revenue, you need well-optimised landing pages. Your landing page must be designed to convert visitors into leads by taking your desired action.

1. An attention-grabbing headline

It’s your headline’s job to grab a visitor’s attention – and it has just a few seconds to it. It’s essential that your headline is clear, bold, straightforward and short. A compelling headline gives the visitor a quick overview of your offer and importantly, makes them want to stay on the page.Don’t be afraid to test several headlines to see what your audience responds to the best, for instance, split-test a statement headline against a question-asking headline and see what performs better.

2. A design that is visually-appealing

Your landing page must be visually appealing if you want to turn visitors into conversions. It needs to look professional and inspire trust. Try and avoid readily available templates and rather have one designed that will differentiate your business from the others out there. If you are going to spend money to get traffic to your website, invest some into the landing page design. And make sure the layout is optimised for mobile devices as more than half of all traffic now comes from mobile devices.

3. Strong call to action

The ultimate goal of a website, and in this case the landing page, is to get the visitor to take action. That’s why CTA (call to action) is the most crucial element of a landing page. An effective CTA commands attention and encourages the visitor to complete the action, whether it is a purchase, placing a phone call or completing a form.Pay attention to the CTA button, you want users to take action by using it. The colour of the CTA button must contrast to the background. The size of the button must not be so small that it gets lost, or so big that it scares visitors away. It should be in sync with the layout. The message should encourage a sense of urgency or need and emphasize the importance of the CTA.

4. Have one clear offer

Landing pages sometimes have multiple offers, like a free trial as well as a downloadable ebook. This just confuses the visitor and a single clear offer will make the entire process much smoother. It’s key to create landing pages that focus on only one offer or solution; one particular goal or CTA. This way your users don’t lose sight of the conversion aspect of the landing page.

5. Importance of trust and credibility

Because consumers are continually bombarded with advertisements that claim to offer the best product or service, many are sceptical. That’s why the information on the landing page needs to builds trust and display credibility. These include badges of trust, such as industry-specific accreditations and testimonials and media outlets that have covered your brand.Word of mouth remains a most powerful marketing tool, and client testimonials, reviews, and endorsements are the closest thing to social proof. Consumers put a lot of faith in these and if you can include them in a video with real people, even better.

6. Have a goal-specific form

Although studies have indicated that the more information you ask for in landing page forms, the lower your conversion rate will be, this is not a straightforward issue. It depends on what your goal is with the form. Do you just want to create an email list, or are you trying to generate a lead for your business?If a high-quality lead for your business means you need a name, email address, phone number and a few other specific pieces of information, then don’t be afraid to require it. Determine what information you need and ask for it.

7. Eliminate distractions

The main goal of your landing page is to get conversions, and every visitor to your landing page is a potential conversion. That’s why you want them to focus on your call to action and nothing else. To do this, you need to eliminate distractions.You may be tempted to provide a visitor with all the benefits, information and everything you can offer on your landing page. But often the visitor’s experience can be improved by removing unnecessary information, make it easier to understand and increase conversion rates. Obviously, there is information that has to be there in order to inform your visitors, but your CTA shouldn’t have to compete with other elements. Any functions, information, or interactive elements you include will only serve to dilute the number of people you convert. Read more about the great landing page sins you need to avoid.  Remember, attention spans have never been lower than they are today.


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