How to gain traffic on your Blog

How to gain traffic on your Blog
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1. Post often and write of relevant topics

By doing frequent updates to your blog with relevant and compelling content will help gain traffic on your blog. What you write about is what will get readers coming back for more content. You must make sure you have something meaningful to say to them and you must say it often to make sure their interest and loyalty is kept.

2. Take advantage of comments

Commenting is an important tool to increase the traffic to your blog. Reply to any comments left on your blog to show your readers that you value their opinions. This will increase your credibility and reader loyalty.

Also it is important to leave comments on other blogs to get new traffic to your own blog. Just make sure you leave your blog’s address in your comment. This way you create a link back to your own blog. People often read the comments left on a blog post. If they read an interesting comment, they are will likely to click on that link to visit the website. But make sure you leave meaningful comments; otherwise the readers are not likely to click on your link.

3. Use an RSS Feed to syndicate the content of your blog

By setting up an RSS feed button on your blog will make it easy for your readers to not only read your blog but they will also get notified when you publish new content.

4. Use Links

The use of links is one of the most powerful parts of a blog post. Linking helps to get you noticed by other bloggers who are likely to investigate the sites that are linking to them. This may lead them to become new readers of your blog or to add links to your blog from theirs. Not only are the links noticed by search engines like Google, but they will also notify other bloggers who can identify which who is linking to their sites.

5. Use tags on your blog posts

It takes a few seconds to add tags to your blog post and this will be worth the time in terms of the additional traffic tags can drive to your blog. Tags (they are a bit like links) are easily recognised by search engines and are a great way to gain traffic on your blog.

6. Remember to do your Search Engine Optimisation

Always when you write your blog posts, and pages, remember to optimise the pages for search engines. Research and include any relevant keywords and links but do not overload your posts with too many keywords (or irrelevant keywords). This will be considered as spamming and will have a negative result to your ranking.

7. Include Images

Images will certainly jazz up the look of your blog and they will also help people find you during their searches. Very often people use the image search options offered by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines, so naming your images with search engine optimization in mind will definitely help to gain traffic on your blog.

8. Have you thought of guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when you write a post on another website or when another person writes a post on your website. Both methods will increase traffic as the blog post will be shown to the other website’s audience, and vice-versa.

9. Use other channels to promote your blog

Add your blog’s URL to your email and business cards. And talk about it in offline conversations. This is easily done when you are networking and want to share information with other to help them and give out your business cards with your blog’s URL.

10. Don’t be afraid

One of the most important parts of the blog writers’ world is the community, and much of your success as a writer is tied to your willingness to network with that community. Ask questions, join conversations or just say hello to introduce yourself. The online world will not find you just sit back and hope to be found. Speak out, get yourself noticed! Let the blogosphere know that you have arrived and have something useful to share! By following these tips you will gain traffic on your blog, guaranteed. But remember that you have to give first to receive.

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