How to develop a successful business website design for mobiles

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If you’re ever in need of a plumber or an electrician, where do you turn to? The chances are it will be the internet. At one time that would’ve meant logging onto your desktop PC and searching for your local tradesmen: however, during the last couple of years there’s been an unprecedented growth in the numbers of adults accessing the web by mobile phones or handheld devices. A recent survey by the Office of National Statistics reported that 45 percent of UK adults now access the internet from a mobile phone data connection. The chances are this number will only continue to grow. Any business without an internet presence is likely to miss out on potentially lucrative business.

The essential key to improving the web presence of any business is good and effective website design. This is particularly the case for mobile websites. But what are the vital design elements for a mobile business website?

First Impressions

Any potential customer makes a decision about your company in the first few seconds of visiting your website. It’s crucial, therefore, to make the homepage inviting and informative. Your front page should tell the viewer who you are and what you do. You should include your business name and logo, a simple welcome and/or introduction, and a navigation bar that’s user- friendly and intuitive. Try to avoid placing too many sales messages on the homepage as this can be both distracting and off-putting. Also, try to limit the page to a screenshot in length; information that requires scrolling is not likely to be seen, or often ignored.

Products and Services

You should try to organise your products or services in a clear and specific manner, placing different products on different pages. This strategy will make your mobile website much easier to navigate. A catalogue-style page can be a good choice if you have a lot of products to advertise: you can provide links to specific products. Add professional quality photos of your products to link with any succinct descriptions.


If your mobile website is a success, visitors will like what they see and look for ways to find your business or get in touch with you. Quality business website design will always include a way for online visitors to easily contact you. You should always incorporate a specific contact page on which your business address, phone, and email are listed. For ease of use, provide your business phone and email address at the top and bottom of every page on your mobile website.

Capture Leads

A well-designed business website should have a way to gain information from potential customers. These leads can be as simple as email addresses for sending newsletters. Offer clients an incentive for providing personal contact information.

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