How marketing automation can give you higher ROI on your content: 7 expert tips!

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Better ROI on your website with these 7 expert tips

It is said that content is king, but in order to earn the top rank, your content must work with your strategy. In other words, your content must deliver a proper return on investment (ROI). Using a marketing automation system, you can create a clearer strategy for your content, which can also increase the ability to measure and maximize your ROI. Want to know how? Here are some specific tips!

Create an interaction between content and your marketing strategy.

It takes time and resources to produce good content. While many choose to invest in creating first-class content, they may not have a method of measuring ROI on their content and make sure it matches the company’s marketing strategy.

Lack of strategy can cause the company to produce large amounts of high-quality content that never reaches the target audience. And if it actually reaches them, it is still not certain that the recipient is ready to receive the message.

Put your content in the correct context.

Content marketing is only effective when content is distributed in the right context. It’s not so much about who’s screaming the loudest, but rather about who can use the correct tone when talking about things that are relevant to the customer.

If the customer is not ready to receive the message, you may be considered irrelevant and the customer may choose to ignore you. However, if you deliver your message in the right context, the chance that your customers perceive your content as valuable information. Then they are more than happy to take the next steps on the customer’s purchase journey.

So what do you have to do to find the right context and thus maximise ROI on the content? This is where marketing automation comes into play.

A marketing automation system automatically makes the delivery of your content and ensures that recipients manage to find out more about your offer. Additionally, the system measures and estimates the opportunity (leads) generated by your content. The result will give maximum relevance as well as ROI on your content marketing!

How marketing automation creates intelligent content.

Your strategy is the backbone of your marketing. But after you have decided on the strategy, you can also maximize the range and impact of your content using marketing automation.

To ensure the relevance of your content, it is important that you always make sure that your strategy matches the content you use in your own marketing automation system. So, what specific tricks to increase ROI with automation exist?

Create forms

Customer insight is required for marketing with personal content, and not least the person’s consent. Forms are a convenient way to collect information from customers required to deliver personal and relevant content. Each inquiry gives you a chance to learn more about your customers and how to reach them in a smart way.

Rate your potential leads (Lead scoring)

Someone who wants to listen to a webinar about your newest product is probably a better lead than someone who has chosen to subscribe to your newsletter. Use an automation tool to identify potential customers. That way, you can focus your energy on those who most likely will be converted to paying customers eventually.

Create trigger points that monitor engagement 

By launching an automatic flow, you can measure the engagement of your prospects. Characteristics of activity may be link-click, repeated visits to the website or downloaded content. The activity should then be a variable during the assessment of your next actions. (This may indeed also be automated by tagging and segmentation of your email list etc.)

The customer’s behaviour provides clear indications of where the person is in relation to your brand. By customising the content of customer activities – such as login to your site – you will be more relevant in the customer’s eyes. Once again: Right context to the right people is the key to success.

Personalize your site

Are you ready to take your content to the next level? Then consider personalising the content of your site according to the information you have about the customer’s previous online behaviour. This allows the customer to get content that always matches his / her own status during the sales cycle.

Create automatic flow

Automatic “flow paths” is an effective tool for distributing content at different levels of customer requirement. If a potential customer has downloaded a report, the action should be followed up, for example, with a manual or webinar.

Work on your existing customers

The digital purchase journey should be considered as circular, not linear. This means that you even have to nurture customers who have completed a purchase. Using personalised content that engages customers increases your chances of resale – at the same time as you reduce the risk of dropout.

Follow up on the results – and take advantage of the lessons learned at the next campaign. 

An important step towards successful marketing automation is to follow up the results of your own campaigns. Using an overview of the amount of traffic, clicks and conversions, you can analyse what type of content works for each segment.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for communicating and testing your content. In addition, the system generates valuable insights into the customers and their behaviour through data collection, which in turn can be used as a guide to creating personal and relevant content. The end result is simply to maximise the ROI of your website!

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