3 Simple Tips For A Great Landing Page Design

3 Simple Tips For a Great Landing Page Design
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The simplicity rule undeniably applies to great landing page design. While you want to make sure you are providing enough information to help your visitors to make a buying decision, you do not want to overload them with a bunch of irrelevant information that they don’t need.

A great landing page, also known as a lead capture page, is a web page where traffic is sent to convert, principally into a lead or a sale. But most often it is an entry to a list as the start of the sales process. Generally, each landing page focuses on getting your visitors to purchase the product or service you offer, whether it is in the form of a direct sale page, a free gift or a list they can join.

It is also worth noticing that if you only send traffic to your web site’s home page, it is a safe bet that most of your visitors will not ‘magically’ find that landing page of yours that prompts them to take the desired action!

To get a great landing page just follow these simple steps to create a landing page that will sufficiently please your prospects emotional and rational needs, and make them confidently take the desired action!

  1. Use your headline to enter into the conversation that he is having in his head. Involve him, and he will read all the way down to your subscriber box!
  2. Your sub headline should solve the problem defined in your headline and promise the preferred solution, but should leave something to be desired. The rest of your landing page will fulfil that desire, and get them to convert.
  3. Have a clear Call-To-Action. The goal of your Call To Action is to get your prospect to take the desired action, and you must make it as simple as possible so that anyone can do it without much thought – or doubt! Your call of action can also be spread as anchor links on your landing page, placed after each new topic or idea, or even just once at the end of your page. Either way, the instructions on how to take the desired action must be crystal clear.

Remember, most (if not, all) visitors will not pay attention to your page for too long. You have only three to four seconds to grab their attention and really captivate them about your product or service with a compelling headline and sub headline.

While the quality of your landing page content is contributing to converting your traffic, don’t expect this to happen if your call to action is not clear.

A great landing page design is a big deal when it comes to successful internet campaigns but it’s not at all impossible! You will achieve more conversions by fine tuning your content, and including a crystal clear call of action. And once you have created that perfect landing page, believe me you will know!

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