5 Steps to Generate Multiple Qualified Leads with a Call-To-Action

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Business websites and blogs still have unknown visitors who are directed to the pages through search engines, articles, social media, and paid ads.

It is important to create concrete dedication and action to convert the visitors into qualified leads. Should you continue to experience a return on marketing activities, such as blogging and website updates, it is important to include a Call-to-Action (CTA) or a call for action as part of your inbound marketing activities.

Why should you use a CTA?

Simply put, Call-To-Action allows visitors to actively act by clicking on an offer that will provide more relevant information about their given issues. This conversion process will then create more qualified leads for your business.

5 steps to a winning CTA

In order not to be perceived as noise but capture, engage and convert that visitor, there are five steps you can follow to optimize your CTA:

Step 1: Make a CTA action-oriented

Formulating your CTA makes it easy to understand so that it is clear what happens at one click from the visitor. Be brief and use action-oriented verbs such as Download, Receive, Register and Ask. It’s important to have your persona and where they are in the memory of your knowledge when formulating your CTA.

Step 2: Include keywords that are consistent with your offer and landing page

Without the use of keywords in your CTA, it will be difficult and unclear for the reader to understand what they are about to gain from navigating from CTA to a landing page.

It is, therefore, important that the same keyword and wording be used throughout the conversion process and on the CTA button.

Step 3: Make the CTA Eye-Catching

With ‘Eye-Catching’ thinking, many think the flashiest and screaming you can imagine in terms of colours and effects. This is not necessarily the whole truth. The most important thing to consider is your persona, what appeals to and triggers them, and how they navigate through offers.

Here it may be as correct to use strong colours and fonts as it will be to choose colours and shapes in line with your company logo and profile.

Step 4: Use a visible and appropriate placement of a CTA on the page

Whatever you decide to place your CTA, it’s important that the placement naturally flows into the page and does not seem to be forced.

When selecting a location for your CTA, remember 3 points:

  • Easy to notice
  • Eye-Catching
  • It matches logically with the rest of the content on the page

For example, a blog post will be natural and logical with a CTA at the bottom of the page that specifically addresses the content of this post.

At the same time, you can have a sidebar with more general offers to suit anyone who is reading your blog or website. In an email, the location will depend on what you write about and when it seems excluded and natural with a CTA button.

Step 5: Test and analyse the results for each CTA

When analysing a CTA, a good goal is between 1-2% click rate and those who click on your CTA a 10% registration rate, according to HubSpot. When you measure and test your CTA, remember always to make one change at a time to measure what works easily and what does not.

Remembering these important items that need to be included and measured around your CTA will kick-start your conversion process in search of new customers. To easily guarantee the optimization of your CTA, download this free checklist to develop your Call-To-Action.

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