Digital Marketing Strategies for Designers

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Even Designers need a website to do their own digital marketing strategy

An interior designer must have a well-designed website that reflects his or her style. A website is an essential part of a designer’s business because everybody can look at the designer’s work and decide whether to hire the designer.

You can go for a web designing company in the UK to get an impressive website built for your business which acts as your marketing tool. You can take some steps to make your website an effective marketing tool.

STEP 1- Advertise your work

You should have a plan in mind for your website’s look. Accordingly, you can collect material and information for your web designer. This plan should include a page that provides information about yourself and your professional achievements, which helps people to connect with you better.

Your portfolio is the next important section that should be your website’s central focus. Here you can display all your work photos to your advantage. The photos can be arranged according to styles like traditional, modern, commercial and showcase. Along with every photo, a short caption or description needs to be added which contains SEO keywords to boost the ranking of your website on the search engine.

STEP 2- Increase your credibility

You need to set up a testimonial section on your website where you can provide comments from your clients and magazine clippings where your name is mentioned as a quality designer. This increases your credibility and assures your client that you do good work.

A blog section focusing on the latest interior designing trends, materials and furniture pieces can also make your website interesting and gives ideas to your clients regarding the style they want for their space.

STEP 3- Specify your services

You need to provide a clear list of your services. This should include the consultation services you provide, furnishings, and materials available to your place. You should mention what your space planning program includes.

STEP 4- Provide contact options

Your website should provide the different ways clients can contact you. It can be your phone number or your email address. However, providing links to your social media accounts is better so your clients can tag you on those platforms and spread the word about your services by sharing your posts.


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