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Google warns non mobile friendly sites

Google warns non mobile friendly sites

Reading Time: 4 minutes – are you loosing your Google ranking because of a non mobile website?   Google sent out multiple warnings last week to websites that have “critical mobile usability errors”. Even though these were just warnings and won’t necessarily mean that you get penalised, it may be high time to refresh your awareness of what makes […]

Responsive web design = Accessibility using all web channels!

Responsive web design = Accessibility using all web channels!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Is your company website accessible via any web channel, or is it only those who sit in front of the computer that has the benefit of your web site pages? What about the smartphone and tablet users? The figures are clear. An increasing proportion of traffic on the Internet is through devices other than the […]

Responsive Web Design Part 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Responsive Web Design and a short background As cheap tablet devices flood the market designers and developers will have to embrace the smaller tablet form factors when it comes to web design. The days when the design comprised only of a standard 960px width site are well behind us. It is no secret that the […]

Mobile web access increases by over 150%

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unless you’ve been in hiding, you can’t have helped but notice that the mobile channel is growing. In fact it’s not just growing, more spiralling. Every small and medium sized business needs to recognise this and adjust their marketing strategy to accommodate mobile web access. We’ve all probably seem various sets of statistics that demonstrate […]

Why are web metrics and SEO important considerations in mobile website design?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Perhaps the biggest challenge facing any mobile website designer is to design a mobile website that gets its message across loud and clear to the target audience. It’s all well and good designing a mobile website that looks great, but if it doesn’t resonate with the audience it’s aimed at, then it’s not doing its […]

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