Branding and brand building

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Branding is about influencing your target group’s choices so that you are preferred over competitors – and about creating confidence that the choice was right, and thus creating loyalty so that you are preferred again and again.


A basic concept in all brand building is positioning. Audi makes cars with advanced technology – which also gives a certain social status. Stormberg has casual clothes with ok quality – with social and climate-friendly values ​​at the bottom. And IKEA is modern designs at a fair price for most people.

These are examples of products and companies that have succeeded well in positioning their brand with one or a few clear associations.

Comprehensive branding

Brands communicate with their target groups every time they come across a brand name, logo or product in one context or another;

  1. Through the use of the product
  2. Through what the company says/do (marketing, other)
  3. Visually (logo, images, graphic profile, etc.)
  4. Through what others say about the company

If what the brand communicates is the same every time, then the brand is strengthened. When something breaks in a negative sense, it weakens. A comprehensive brand-building thus means working to clarify and confirm the brand in all contexts.

New challenges for the brand

The digital arena, not least social media, has made brand building more challenging – partly because access to other people’s assessments of a product or company is much easier than before. Objective price comparisons exist for most products, and dissatisfied customers are more than happy to spread their dissatisfaction on social channels.

How YUHANITO works with brand building

When we work with brand building together with customers, we are concerned with defining a good and clear platform for all communication. Key concepts are vision, position, core values, core message, tone-of-voice, brand promise and personality. Once this is in place, the defined brand must be anchored, implemented, and followed up visually, verbally and in practice. Preferably also by measuring relevant KPIs.

Visual elements such as logo, graphic elements, colours, typography, images, and image use are the brand’s attire. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important the visual identity is to support and reinforce the right associations. Not least emotionally.

Most businesses have a brand already

Most businesses today have a conscious relationship with what and who they want to be. The challenge is often that there is no connection between one’s own perception and that of the target group. Maybe because you are not always good enough to see yourself through the eyes of the target group. Reducing the gap between one’s own perception and that of the target group is, therefore, an important argument for working consciously with brand building. And it is not at all certain that communication is the only thing that needs to change.

What we do at YUHANITO

YUHANITO can help you with everything you need to get better online. We can handle your entire digital strategy, website, profiles in social media, digital marketing and all the complicated technical details to effectively increase your online profits.

We provide a managed web design service where we manage your site and keep it updated and secure on a regular basis.

Contact us if you have questions or need help! You can reach us by sending us an email with your questions: or leave your contact information below and we will be back to you as soon as possible.

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