6 Reasons Why a Website is Important to your Business

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6 Reasons Why a Website is Important to your Business

A website has become a vital part of business marketing. Even businesses that wouldn’t have dreamt of getting an online presence a few years ago are joining those millions already on the web. But why is it so important for a business to have an online presence and what are the benefits a website provides?

Your website is the business’ window to the world, the place where clients can find information about who and what the business is, what products and services it offers; it’s simply the single most important marketing tool for a business. Here are the important reasons why a business should have a website.

1. Low Cost

A website is a relatively inexpensive way to get your products and services in front of potential customers. In some instances, it can remove the need for physical stores and the associated large overhead costs. Compared with printed adverts, websites surpass that easily when you think how quickly you can make changes to it. With printed adverts, you have to do a completely new run, for each change. Website costs are also largely fixed and a small price to pay so that consumers can easily find your business.

2. A Website means the business is open around the clock

A website and social media presence make your business accessible to anyone, at any time, from anywhere. No opening and closing times to frustrate clients and make them go to your competitor. They can get all the relevant information and shop securely from the comfort of their home, from the coffee shop, or wherever they are. A good website is a reliable up-to-date source of information tailored to the customer’s convenience. When social media is used in conjunction with the website, it adds even more to the marketing effort. You can now interact with customers and get instant feedback on their needs and expectations

3. A website is convenient for clients

People want to make the most of their time; to rapidly access the relevant information from wherever they are. That’s why it’s important that a website should be accessible on mobile devices. Increasingly people browse and shop from their mobile devices and your website must be compatible with, easy to navigate and provide clear images and readable script on all devices. Initially, people start their journey on a mobile (60% of searches in 2016) so it is imperative that their first touchpoint with you is a good one.

4. A website builds trust and credibility

The business’ website is often the first and only way they can judge whether they can trust and do business with it. A well-designed, up-to-date and professional looking website should be a reflection of the business. Well written and informative content will help to engage customers, catch their attention and keep them interested. Importantly, it will keep them on the website to explore further and take action. A website gives your business the opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust the business. When you provide a good service or product, positive messages are also likely to spread through word-of-mouth and through social media.

5. A website helps to sell

A business needs to sell something in order to survive and prosper; they need prospects to become customers and buy from them. Because the website, and thus the business, is available from anywhere, around the clock, there are virtually no boundaries to finding customers. A website helps to bring all the relevant information about the business’ product or service to more people than was previously possible. More people than could ever go into a physical business can visit a website – which means exposure to more prospective customers. And more customers means more sales. Even to an established physical business, a website can bring a dramatic increase in sales.

6. A website is a massive marketing tool

All businesses need to market itself, no matter its type or size. A well-managed website has become a crucial part of the marketing process. A website and related social media presence provide an open line of communication between the business and its customers. It provides basic information about location and contact details, details about products and services, but it also allows for feedback from buyers. This enables the business to get to know its customers better, what their needs are, and what works and doesn’t work.

A well designed, professional and easily accessible website should be a crucial part of any business – whether a one-person operation or a large international company. It should be close to the top of priorities, it’s the window to the world, brings clients to you, and increasingly provides an open channel of communication between buyer and seller. It should work as your sales funnel generating leads 24/7.


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