The 5 Important Steps to Make Your B2B Business Interesting Online

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Forget yourself. I know, this is not the two words we as people prefer to hear because we all want to be heard and seen. But now we are talking of reverse psychology because you do not get more attention by talking about yourself – at least not the positive attention you want if you do.

Here are the 5 most important steps you need to make your business interesting online.

1. Create value

Starting with what you know and what you do to help your target market will create value for your customers. When communicating, start with what the receiver would like to hear – not what you want to tell. Of course, your message must be rooted in your business, but your recipient may not want to hear that you are merged with another business unless you tell him what the merger will have of positive benefits to his business.

2. Put a face on your receiver

Before we can know what your recipient is interested in, we’ll know who he is. Make a persona – or, rather a few – so you do not communicate to someone out there, but to Richard or Anne. They will know you and you will know their preferences, interests and their business. So start with that instead of talking about yourself.

Create a workshop, internally, for your Sales and Marketing team to research and create your personas that will match your target market.

3. Select your channels

The options are many. You have websites, newsletters, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. But where do you start and where should you end up? The short answer: Be where it makes sense, be where your customers are. The different channels can do different things, so you have to prioritize. And did I say that the priority should be based on your customer’s needs? You should ask your persona what they prefer and why.

4. Social Media – (Why?)

You (or we) are may not be the definitive experts in social media. But rest assured that not everyone is! That is because the development is so rapid that knowledge is outdated very quickly. And one of the main points is that the choice of social media is largely about discontinuation. It’s NOT certain that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the right way to go for your business. However, it is certain and definitely an advantage to have a clear strategy for your presence in the social media for where you choose to be.

5. Take Action!

And it’s all very well. But remember to walk the talk. Define what needs to be done – and who should do it. Create an activity and publishing plan. Take it seriously; if you can control what you have to give, who you want to target by which channels and social media – and you can also organise how to do it in practice – then you have a sublime sales channel.

So just get started!

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