4 reasons why traditional advertising is losing ground

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“I purchased an ad for $10,000, but it has not given anything at all in return.”  Variations of that sentence are heard more and more often these days. The effect of traditional marketing is decreasing, but nevertheless, many companies still continue to spend large amounts in ads and messaging, even though the recipient simply responds by browsing and bouncing/clicking away to the next one.

If you wonder why traditional marketing does not really work anymore, here are 4 very good reasons why:

1. We have learned to ignore ads

Studies have shown that we are affected by over 2,000 marketing messages each day. On the web, mobile, TV, radio, at the bus stop etc., etc.

There are simply too many that are competing for our attention, so we have developed a filter that anything that is not directly relevant to us is ignored.

2. The traditional media have lost its strength

Today we are just not into reading printed papers much, and the printed media is much more fragmented today than it was 10-15 years ago.

With fewer readers and viewers on the individual channels, it is much harder to find an audience to speak to, and therefore it is also harder to get a buck back for the printed ads.

3. AdBlock is becoming more and more common

Browser extensions that prevent ads from appearing on people’s screen are becoming more and more common. People are saturated with the large number of ads available online, and AdBlock is a definite response to this. You might think that you can get around AdBlock. And yes – you can. But the solution is not to block AdBlock.

4. The buyer has taken power

We are researching more and more before buying, and now we have the possibility to find all the information we need online. If we want to know something, we just Google it (or Bing it).

The traditional buyer-seller relationship has changed and it is no longer enough for a seller to be able to show off a gold-plated sales message on glossy paper.

We are looking for real and useful advice, so the seller must take on the role of a guide and advisor so that he can earn the trust of the buyer.

But what’s the solution then?

When it no longer works to push messages into the minds of people, try to draw their attention instead.

This is done by publishing content that meets the needs of the target marked and helps them with the challenges they face. Content that inspires entertains and makes them smarter, and that’s exactly what inbound marketing is all about.

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